我们的 斗牛犬 骄傲

See what sets Kettering apart 和 sets our students up for success

自1919年成立以来, 正规的赌博app has been preparing students for lives of extraordinary leadership 和 service by linking transformative experiential learning 和 合作教育 opportunities to rigorous academic 程序s in engineering, 科学, 和业务. 我们将凯特林的遗产延续到第二个世纪, we—our 程序s 和 our students—receive consistent recognition for quality, 成就, 和成功.






没有人知道 合作社 像凯特灵.

作为学生学习, 作为专业人士赚钱, our undergrads rotate between the classroom 和 real-life work experiences in 12-week terms throughout their time at Kettering as part of our innovative 合作教育 程序. The intensive 程序 begins in a student's first year-和 gives our graduates a jump-start on their chosen careers.
  • 2.5年:学生获得的工作经验 毕业.
  • $15.38:平均 每小时 一年级学生的带薪实习收入. 
  • $18.72:老年人的平均时薪.
  • 400:雇佣我们学生的合作伙伴的数量.

教育使 金融 感觉

Maximizing students’ investments in education is important to经济意义 us. We want students to begin their professional lives on a 金融 foundation that supports them until retirement. Beginning with our 合作社 程序 through post-毕业 earning potential, a Kettering education facilitates lifetime 金融 stability.

  • 我们的 graduates receive an average of an 8% annualized return on their investment, according to collegefactual.com.
  • 32% of our graduates pay off their federal student loan debt within two years after beginning repayment, 根据 教育部.
  • Graduates begin their careers earning an average of $66,000 per year, according to collegefactual.com.
  • $93,893: The median earnings of former students who received federal 金融 aid at 10 years after entering the school, 根据 教育部.

加油 技术 进步

自主车辆, 越野汽车智能汽车 to 的电子竞技战斗机器人, Kettering students put their cutting-edge engineering knowledge to the test against their peers across the country as members of our many competition teams.

  • 2023:大学 "彩虹六号:围攻"队获胜 National 的电子竞技 Collegiate Conference National Championship in just the third year of the 的电子竞技 程序.
  • 2023年:凯特林自动驾驶车队斗牛犬博尔特 在移动创新方面获得第三名 在AutoDrive II挑战赛.
  • 2023年:智能地面车辆竞赛团队 完成第三 参加了自驾挑战赛 第四 in the Self-Drive 设计/Presentation at the 30th Annual IGVC at Oakl和 University in Rochester.
  • 2023年:正规赌博十大网站 U战队荣誉 获得了体育精神奖 在达拉斯举行的正规赌博十大网站机器人世界锦标赛上.
  • 2023 EV卡兹队 获得第一名 在工程设计类, is named the most 技术ly advanced team 和 places third in the 50-lap head-to-head kart race at the annual evGr和Prix in West Lafayette, 印第安纳州, 总排名第二.
  • 2022年:斗牛犬博尔特队 名列第二 in AutoDrive Challenge’s Dynamic Obstacle Challenge for 自主车辆. 
  • 2022: Dr. 黛安·彼得斯, 联系。 机械工程教授 年度最佳顾问 在自动驾驶挑战赛上.
  • 2022:凯特灵 名列第二 参加了自驾挑战赛, earned a gr和 award 和 placed 第四 in the Self-Drive 设计 Competition at the 2022 智能地面车辆比赛.
  • 2022:凯特灵's Formula Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE] team finished 第四个整体, 汽车越野赛和耐力赛第五名, 在加速项目中排名第六, 和 seventh in the fuel-efficiency event at the 公式SAE 密歇根 event.
  • 2022年:SAE方程式车队 赢得SAE大学杯 at the SAE Mid 密歇根’s National Engineers Week Annual Banquet in Frankenmuth, 密歇根.

改善我们的 社区

A true measure of Kettering's success is the success of our 社区 in Flint, 密歇根. For more than a century, serving the 社区 has been a pillar of the Kettering experience. We are committed to improving the lives of the people we call neighbors 和 the place we call home.



  • 大学大道走廊联盟:作为UACC的一部分, Kettering has been instrumental in the transformation of Flint into an attractive 和 safe 社区 that is conducive to sustainable development. 我们的学生, faculty members 和 staff work side by side with residents in a variety of year-round cleanup, 社区的维修和改善项目.
  • 服务星期六: 这些社区服务活动发生了 全年. They promote civic engagement among students, faculty, staff, alumni, 和 合作教育 partners who take part in neighborhood cleanups, small repair 项目,食品银行援助,以及许多其他的努力. 今天,礼拜星期六是不可或缺的 part of orientation to introduce our new students to our commitment to 社区 活力.
  • 社区 improvement: At the university level, Kettering is 积极参与 在一些地区联盟中, 社区组织, 专业团体和慈善事业. 了解更多 在这里.
  • COVID-19 leadership: Kettering stepped up to help guide the 社区—和 the country—through the p和emic starting in 2020. A group of faculty members 和 students used their skills 和 our 3D-printing equipment to 制作口罩和个人防护用品 本地机构. 阿特伍德体育场是一个汽车通道 COVID-19检测站点 与赫尔利医疗中心合作. 四女校友 contributed the skills 和 knowledge they gained at Kettering to the effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine at Par Pharmaceutical in Rochester, 密歇根.

著名的校友 领先的 的方式

我们的 graduates leave Kettering with the drive 和 the knowledge to solve real-world problems 和 lead with innovation in a range of industries 和 markets. 他们正在商业界崭露头角.

  • 玛丽Barra1985年,通用汽车公司董事长兼首席执行官.
  • 彼得Deppe ’19, Co-founder KUHMUTE, a multi-modal charging network for micromobility.
  • 布莱恩Falther ’11, 霍普特拉航空工业创始人, HopMondo Space Industries 和 blu5step Records; Co-founder of Bowery Farming.
  • 丹尼斯灰色 1986年,密歇根州LG能源解决方案公司总裁.
  • 杰拉尔德•约翰逊 ’85, Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing 和 可持续性 at General Motors.
  • 詹妮弗•约翰逊 1999年,肯德里克塑料公司总裁兼首席执行官.
  • 威利约瑟夫 ’09 和 ’12, Vice President, Sports Data 和 Gaming Products at Viacom CBS | CBS Sports Digital.
  • 罗伯特·C. Kagle 1978年,基准资本的联合创始人和普通合伙人.
  • 大卫·肯尼 1984年,尼尔森首席执行官兼首席多元化官.
  • 肖恩·麦克伯尼 2003年,正规赌博十大网站公司区域总裁.
  • 威廉奥斯本 ’83, Senior Vice President of Total Quality 和 Operations at Boeing Defense, Space 和 Security.
  • 托马斯·G. Plaskett ’68, Former executive in the airline industry; father of the frequent flyer 程序.
  • 科里Steuben ’10, Munro 和 联系。s的总裁, 奥本山, 密歇根-based provider of a variety of engineering services from benchmarking to product development.

国家和地区 排名